This page, I hope, will serve two goals: one, to create a repository the greatest blogs, info sites and tour write-up places where you can go to get into bike touring, building and bikepacking, and two, to create a tribute to the greatest people whose wisdom informed my knowledge about cycling and my mechanical know-how in keeping my bike on the road. If these folks who are still living get to read this, I want to say thank you and I hope you see some of yourselves in my world. Consider this my humble pay-it-forward.

Sheldon Brown. Brown (1944-2008) was an aficionado of all things cycling, taking his childhood love and turning it into a bona fide vocation and passion. Sheldon Brown established a web presence working with Harris Cyclery that presented articles on pretty much everything bicycle related from the original bikes to anything that would have existed prior to his untimely death from complications of MS (though colleagues have stepped up and updated articles from time to time as needed). If there is any debate online between cycle enthusiasts, Sheldon remains the lone judge, jury and expert for all conflicts, something that is truly unique online. His is the first, last and sometime only world on all things cycling. The more obscure, the more likely Saint Sheldon has the answer and explanation. Anyone who wants to become either knowledgeable or serious about bicycles should start at Sheldon’s website.

Jamie Noble of This site, not updated since 2011, contains some still-relevant information on the art of bike touring and how to get in to it. Jamie was a rather astute writer and had circumnavigated all five of the US great lakes, and I’m happy that his knowledge base will live on for a least a little while longer. If your want some Sheldon-esque knowledge about road bike touring, this is the spot. As of 2-20-15, some jackass has hacked the index page so hopefully that will be resolved soon.

Neil Gunton of Don’t let the 1995-look of Neil’s website fool you for a second! Gunton, a computer programmer, designed his site to run on as little resources as possible for cyclists using mobile browsers or who are on international tours to be able to access his site (if you read anyone’s travel  blog about using libraries or cyber cafes in the developing world, you’ll appreciate this approach. Being continually updated, Crazy Guy now hosts over 10,000 journals and upwards of 1.4 million photographs. Gunton and his contributors stoked my flames to get out and ride, so go over to Crazy Guy and get inspired!

Tim Travis of On March 30, 2002 after years of saving and planning, Tim and his then-wife left their home in Arizona and set off to pedal the world. While Tim’s wife sadly left to home with little explanation, Tim has stayed on the road and is touring to this day. His website is rather massive as it extends from his index and contains many tidbits, personal reflections, equipment reviews and other knowledge (including the hidden secret of budgeting for road life). Though my blog is titled Wandering I’m sure that my dreams are not to be on the road forever, at least not yet. For now, though, I am happy to live through Tim’s travels online.

Pedaling Nowhere. This is, to me, the definitive bikepacking blog to date, with colorful writing and the sharpest pictures anywhere online. If you want to take your bike out for a camping holiday, Pedaling Nowhere is the place to go!

Colin Cadden of Scotroutes. Colin has probably done more for bikepacking in Scotland and the greater United Kingdom than Her Majesty’s Tourism Minister! Sure, that is probably a bit of hyperbole but maybe not because Scotroutes has logged some of the most fascinating rural touring I have ever seen on two wheels. Colin is both witty and incisive and I am sure that his little corner of the web will make you want to get out there and ride some!

Park Tool Repair Help and Education. Park Tool is the first name of bike tools for both the shop and home, known by their conspicuous blue handles. As a part of their mission, Park teaches people how do just about anything they need to as it relates to the build, repair and maintenance of the bicycle. After Saint Sheldon explains to me what the hell it is I’m looking at, Park Tool’s videos teach me how to do it myself.

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